When Can I Stop Paying Child Support?


Contrary to popular belief there is no cut off age for child support in New Jersey.  For your child support obligation to end, your child must be emancipated. In New Jersey a child is deemed emancipated when “they’re operating outside the sphere of parental influence.”  This essentially means the child has an independent status of his/ her own.  A child is operating outside the sphere of parental influence if: the child  is married, working full- time, enrolled in the military, or has graduated from High School and is not enrolled full-time in a college or community college.  If you believe your child is emancipated you must file a motion for emancipation.  If you realize that your child is emancipated, but fail to file a motion, you are still responsible for your weekly child support obligation!!! Also continue to pay your child support while the case is pending, failure to pay child support in New Jersey can result in suspension of professional licenses, suspension of your driver’s license, and arrest.


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